Selah {FMF: Pause}

Pause…  among the harried traffic, the hurried lines, the urgent calls. Selah Breathe.  Another breath.  Life given anew.    Selah Dwell with…  birdsong and morning sunlight and news unexpected.   Selah  Take a moment.  Take it all in.   Be still.  Remember….  all the tears and turmoil and racing, anxious thoughts. Spent in the night. … More Selah {FMF: Pause}

A Time to Heal

What exactly is health?  As a physician Osteopath, I am confronted with this question daily. How do we measure health? Is it in a momentary measurement – a blood pressure reading, for example? Or is it in a season like childhood, adolescence, or late adulthood? Or is it better to measure this over a lifetime, … More A Time to Heal

A Time to Kill

(photo credit: Nick Walker) The word “kill” leaves us cold.  For all of us it brings something vivid to mind. Something we are eager to shy away from.  In my more unreasonable moods, my mind goes to the tune of Video Killed the Radio Star… an old song that came out around the time I … More A Time to Kill

A Time to Laugh

  What makes you laugh? Honest laughter is one of those odd things we don’t choose to do. Something surprises us, catches us off guard, and we find ourselves laughing. The more unexpected, the bigger the belly laugh! One thing that never fails to get me laughing is when I get the hiccups. I get … More A Time to Laugh