A Time to Play

In this season where so many of us are working from home, I wonder if I am the only one who needs help staying disciplined, focused on a single task, and actually, you know, work! For most of my career, my home space was the place I came to relax, kick off my shoes, call … More A Time to Play

A Time to Love

Love Your Enemies, Really? I’m a comic book fan. Especially Marvel, and most especially Spiderman. I grew up reading the comic books, collecting them, watching the different cartoon series, and then as an adult, watching all the movies. Despite some pretty terrible flaws in some of the movies, I can’t help but smile through each … More A Time to Love

A Time to Embrace

  This past two weeks have been a whirlwind of motion for me…  I arrived here in Lithuania for a teaching session with MA students for a class which focuses on asking the “big questions” about language teaching – what are our motivations and goals for teaching a language, how does language shape our perspective … More A Time to Embrace

A Time for Peace

(Photo Credit: Casey Horner) Something in my makeup compels me to stand up for what is right. Time has taught me, however, that what I think is right in one period may not look the same one year or ten down the road. And when I later reflect back on a conflict, my sin may … More A Time for Peace

A Time to Die

By Guest Author: Matthew Kanitz This last Halloween our neighborhood, just like many neighborhoods throughout the world, erupted in a cacophony of spooky ghosts, inflatable black cats, and the occasional spoof graveyard. “What are those Dad” asked my son Caleb with all of innocent curiosity a 6 year old could muster. “Those are gravestones. You … More A Time to Die

A Time to Weep

I had not expected to be making a trip back to the old West Virginia farmhouse where I grew up so soon – but here I was taking the familiar route along sparsely populated roads back to my hometown on the western edge of the state.  It is the height of summer and my poor … More A Time to Weep