Selah {FMF: Pause}


Pause…  among the harried traffic, the hurried lines, the urgent calls.


Breathe.  Another breath.  Life given anew.   


Dwell with…  birdsong and morning sunlight and news unexpected.  


Take a moment.  Take it all in.  

Be still.  Remember….  all the tears and turmoil and racing, anxious thoughts.

Spent in the night.

Only to be found by Joy in the Morning.  

I take pause and praise… awestruck by the One who cares for me.


I am the changeable one – tossed about by every wave that appears on the horizon.

But He…  unshaken by my doubts, takes my hand, pulls me close.

Whispers, ‘wait, pause, listen.’  


Listen for my Truth that conquers the darkness.

‘I Am with you.  You are not here in the dark alone.  

Watch for me…. Until the Morning Star rises in your hearts again.’   


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