Open Hands

I grew up in a church tradition where it was a common practice to raise your hands palms up during the worship service. In American Sign Language (ASL) this hand shape is often called a 5-hand shape. It is both hands open in a gesture of both of surrender (willing to give up what is … More Open Hands

Look up, Child.

What if? What if the gas prices keep rising? What if the stock market crashes? What is the Russian invasion into Ukraine triggers world-wide food and gas shortages? What if… Have you ever noticed that when these two little words are used to start a sentence, the description is almost always a negative picture that … More Look up, Child.

I See You.

Have you ever felt like everyone else in your family got the talented genes and you somehow got the short end of the stick? This is how I feel every time I attempt even a rude sketch of something. Almost all of my siblings have more artistic talent that I do. One time I asked … More I See You.